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No, no, relax! Today is not Yoona’s birthday. It, actually, falls on May 30 but the Korean super-singer, who is at present presumably out of town, has an advance party of celebration. Hence, the advance wishes!

News Everyday reported that she will turn 26 (international age) on May 30. On May 23, Yoona expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her fans for the love and support they gave throughout the years she joined the industry. She shared photos on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Whether in Korea or abroad, thank you SONE for always supporting and loving me. May 30. An early birthday party,” Soompi quoted. Together with Yoona’s fans holding balloons and placards with the words “We are always by you”, she strikes a happy pose with them.

Soompi reported that on May 23, Yoona extended her sincere gratitude to fans who have supported her throughout the years. Yoona recently starred in the historical drama ‘God of War, Zhao Yun’, which premiered on April 3.

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