Very soon, your salons and spas will entertain you with more than just fashion magazines.

In an effort to educate and entertain customers in beauty parlors and salons, Samsung has unveiled a cutting-edge mirror, which will showcase latest hair trends.

Samsung’s new display acts as a mirror as well as a multimedia player. This means when you are getting a haircut, you can view your reflection as well as watch world’s most sought-after hairstyles.

As a pilot project, Samsung has installed this 55-inch mirror unit at Leekaja Hairbis, a premium salon in Lotte Department Store in Jamsil, Seoul, South Korea.

Leekaja salon has branches across China, Australia, and the US. Samsung plans to install its mirror units in all of these stores in the coming days.

According to Samsung, its mirror display can replace conventional mirrors in various venues to provide additional multimedia services. Besides hair salons, the company is planning to install several new products aimed at shopping centres and fashion stores.

Samsung plans to launch the mirror display as a commercial business-to-business product in the third quarter of the year.

This mirror concept will be extended to malls and other retail outlets. The objective is to give brands a cutting-edge digital platforms to engage customers.

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