Song Joong-ki will be on 18 pages of Marie Claire in its June issue, including its cover page. That’s after the Descendants of the Sun bagged a cart load of endorsement deals, including that of Jeju Air, Maxim Tea and Domino’s Pizza.

After Descendants of the Sun turned out to be mega hit sweeping Asia, actor Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo who starred alongside him in the super-hit Korean drama have become the most desirable models raking in huge popularity both online and offline. Especially, Song Joong-ki has been seen in a number of commercials and all of them have been highly appreciated by the viewers.

Joong-ki’s appearance on the cover of the fashion magazine Maria Claire comes after he graced the cover of the Korean issue of Vogue. The fashion magazine has dedicated 18 solid pages to the actor, according to a Facebook fan page. Marie Claire has posted the photo shoot images on its Instagram account.

Meanwhile, his list of endorsements kept growing. In his latest commercial, Song Joong-ki endorsed Cuchen rice cooker. According to Only Durable Stuff, the Cuchen rice cookers are little bit more expensive than Cuckoo which is the more popular brand.

Actor Song Joong-ki is also enjoying unrivaled popularity in Thailand. Song Joong-ki enjoyed the highest level of popularity during his visit to Thailand among all Korean celebrities, his agency said on Monday. The 30-year-old heartthrob visited Bangkok on Saturday to meet his Thai fans, according to Blossom Entertainment. About 4,000 local fans surged to Thunder Dome for the hero of the hit Korean television series Descendants of the Sun. Many more such fan meetings will be held in nine more cities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and elsewhere.

He has been recently appointed as the ambassador by the Korea Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The heartthrob will be seen in a series of commercials to promote tourism in Korea.

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