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A controversial movie about the future of Hong Kong won the top prize at the city’s film awards after being a local box office hit but antagonising Beijing over its portrayal of the semi-autonomous territory in 2025.

The cast and crew of Ten Years pose after winning Best Picture at the Hong Kong Film Awards

‘Ten Years’ scooped the Best Film prize at the Hong Kong Film Awards, following a short cinema release that was widely believed to have been curtailed for political reasons.

The film is made up of a series of five vignettes that tap residents’ worst fears for the future of the southern Chinese city as Beijing’s grip tightens.

The film had only a short general release, while some cinemas refused to screen it altogether, and it raised heckles on the mainland with China’s state-run Global Times newspaper describing it as “totally absurd” and a “virus of the mind”.

“The meaning of this prize is that it shows Hong Kong still has hope. It reminds us that we could have courage to be creative. I would like to thank everyone who has watched it,” said the film’s producer Andrew Choi after the awards ceremony. Read More  

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