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The end will not be the end! After the highly-anticipated finale (Episode 16) of the Korean-drama Descendants of the Sun that has been a sweet and sweeping success across Asia, there will be a special three-part series that will showcase an epilogue and highlights.

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However, the special episodes will go on air the week following the finale on KBS.

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YouTube video

Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong-ki (Yoo Shi Jin), Song Hye-Kyo (Kang Mo Yeon), Kim Ji-won (Yoon Myung Ju) and Jin Goo (Seo Dae Young) went on air on February 24 and earned record breaking ratings, thanks to the huge fan following across Asia. According to Asia One, the show is South Korea’s “most watched Hallyu drama in recent years”. As per the report, Episode 14 was viewed over 2.3 billion times on website iQiYi by Saturday. It has surpassed the rating for ‘My Love from the Star’, a mega-hit television series of 2013.

Recently, KBS made the announcement about the after-the-finale special segment. It is considered to be an act of gratitude towards die-hard Descendants of the Sun fans. The special episodes featuring an epilogue will air from April 20 to 22 at 10:00 pm KST, according to Soompi.

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Fans must brace themselves for extended episodes. It is said that the first two special segments will each be 70 minutes long.

They will showcase the major scenes, highlights and behind-the-camera videos. The three-part special will end with a special segment that will serve as an epilogue to Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, and Myung Ju and Dae Young’s story.

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Descendants of the Sun is set to air its finale (episode 16) on April 14, Thursday, wherein fans will find out what’s next for Shi Jin, Mo Yeon and Myung Ju and Dae Young. A spoiler report suggests fans of the show must brace themselves for a heartbreaking finale. According to Koalas Playground, Song Joong-ki’s character Army Captain Yoo Shi Jin aka Big Boss will die in the episode finale, states Yibada. Considering the show was fully pre-taped before it went on air, alleged spoilers for the finale episode have surfaced online.

In the teaser video of Descendants of the Sun Episode 15, Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong-ki) and Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye-kyo) went camping for a night and had a romantic alone time. The couple lay down on their bellies under a sleeping bag and chatted. In the following scene, Sergeant Choi visited Kang Mo Yeon. He had a stern face as if he were about to deliver bad news.

However, it was unclear whether the news was for Yoo Shi Jin or his colleague Seo Dae Young (Jin Goo). His fans are speculating that either Song Joong-ki or Jin Goo will die in the drama, Aju News reported. Do you think anyone would die in the drama? What are your speculations on the drama’s ending?

To add to the anticipation, co-writer of Descendants of the Sun has said that she will probably cry once the TV series comes to an end this week. Speaking at a local radio talk-show to encourage people to vote in the parliamentary elections, Kim Eun-sook said that she always knew the time would come for the TV drama to end. “Initially I wanted it over as quickly (as possible), but now, I fear I will shed tears Thursday,” the scriptwriter said. Kim said that the many fighting scenes, disaster situations and numerous overseas film shoots were only possible because the drama adopted a pre-shooting arrangement, instead of the live-shoot systems favored in South Korea. All the episodes of the show were shot and edited before they were shown to viewers.

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