China seems to be the most sought-after destination by travelers worldwide.

According to China Tourism Research Institute, the country had 120 million outbound visitors in 2015 and they spent $104.5 billion US dollars, increases of 12% and 16.7% compared with 2014.

The Great Wall of China

This steady increase is encouraging big names in the hospitality industry to open shop in China.

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc, the world’s biggest hospitality company by number of rooms, will add more hotels in China than anywhere else in Asia because the tourist count has seen a steady increase.

Hilton plans to open 206 hotels in China, said Martin Rinck, Hilton’s Asia-Pacific president. “Travel remains strong, both domestically within China and as reflected in the outbound numbers, with 200 million Chinese estimated to travel internationally by 2020, from 109 million last year,” Rinck told Bloomberg in an interview in Singapore. “The underlying fundamentals are positive. Despite the ongoing austerity measures, we are seeing continued positive growth,” he added.

Based on surveys conducted by travel agencies all around China, it is expected that the outbound tourism will see a substantial increase as a result of more convenient visa policies, summer holiday travel peak, and operation of more international flights.

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