In the next ten years, you will be busy booking for a holiday spot on the moon.

This lunar vacation is the brainchild of European Space Agency and the setting up of this facility will be financed by countries like China, Japan, India, and Russia.

Jan Woerner, director-general, European Space Agency, in a video documentary made by Euronews said: “My intention is to build up a permanent base station on the moon. It will be an open station, for different member states, for different states around the globe.”

Tourists on the moon will wear regular clothing inside the resort, but will don on spacesuits when out on the lunar surface.

ESA managers, however, are warning the public of space travel dangers, including extreme temperatures, radiation from the sun, and micrometeorites.

Tourists will stay inside a structure, which will have parts made with the use of 3D printers. Visitors will wear regular clothing inside the resort, but will don on spacesuits  when out on the lunar surface.

“The ESA space-exploration strategy sets the moon as a priority destination for humans on the way to Mars. The timing is right to get started on the capabilities which allow Europe to meet its exploration objectives and ensure it remains a strong partner as humans begin to explore the solar system,” said Kathy Laurini of NASA , in an interview to

Mankind has never had a permanent lunar presence, and so this new vision, that Woerner likes to call the ‘Moon village’, would represent a giant leap in space exploration.

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