Chinese searches for mega-hit South Korean TV series hit 1 billion

(From Yonhap)

South Korea’s special forces received the spotlight from a Chinese state-run newspaper on Wednesday amid the growing popularity of a hit TV drama about an Army captain who falls in love with a female doctor.

South Korean special forces soldiers in scene from Descendants of the Sun

With China’s love affair with the KBS TV drama, “Descendants of the Sun,” reaching a frenzy, the Global Times newspaper carried an article that showcased troops belonging to Seoul’s Special Warfare Command.

The TV soap opera, which features the story of a romance between a sharp-looking Army captain and a female doctor in the fictional war-torn country named Uruk, has been aired in both South Korea and China since late last month.

The TV show hit a cumulative 1 billion searches on Inc., the video-streaming website of Baidu, China’s top search engine, in the middle of this month. Read more

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