A week ago, China shocked the world when its beauty-conscious teens came up the #A4waist challenge.

Now another trend is making the rounds via Sina Weibo, and this time the youngsters have used iPhone6 to drive home their point.

Hashtagged iPhone6legs, the trick is to place the Apple phone a little above your kneecap and prove that the width of the legs does not exceed the width of the iPhone. On Sina Weibo, they call it ‘legendary legs’ or ‘futuristic legs.’

A meme of Gollum from Lord of the Rings mocks Chinese beauty standards
A meme of Gollum from Lord of the Rings mocks Chinese beauty standards

As always, some on Weibo are supporting the trend and have posted photos of their iPhones resting on their legs. Some have even vowed  to work towards this ‘beauty standard.’

Many, however, have condemned the trend and have called it ‘unrealistic.’

China has, in the recent past, been notorious for coming up with odd beauty trends. Last year, another fitness challenge took social media by storm. The goal for people was to try and reach their belly button backhand. This was followed by a ‘perfect’ collarbone challenge. The trick was to balance the coins on their collarbone.

Mocking the Chinese beauty standards, some have posted a meme of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings. Roughly translated, the meme states that Gollum’s waistline is ‘sexy’ and is thinner than an A4 paper, his collarbone could hold anything heavy and not the just coins. His legs are pencil thin and his slender arms can easily backhand touch his chest or navel.

Right now another beauty trend is catching up on Sina Weibo, where girls are wrapping a 50RMB currency note around their wrist to show off their slenderness. It is now trending under the hashtag ‘50 RMB Wrist.’

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