Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week will open from March 25-31 in Beijing, showcasing the latest designs and brands for the Autumn-Winter 2016 season, reports Women of China. The award ceremony celebrating young fashion designers contest will be held in Beijing Hotel on March 25,  where 29 domestic and overseas promising designers from 14 countries will compete for the titles.

A model flaunts Gioia Pan Pan Yiliang Collection
A model flaunts Gioia Pan Pan Yiliang Collection

In addition, organizers will stage a special exhibition of clothing and accessories, under the name “Design+”, to encourage new designers and bring innovation to the event.

On the last week of March, organizers will stage more than 70 events, with 55 brands and institutions from home and abroad competing for attention. Some 37 domestic and overseas designers and about 70 promising designers will attend a special show and a professional competition in Beijing Hotel, 751 D-Park and other locations across the city.

Over 60 designers will present at the 2016 DHUB Design activity and 10+3 Showroom Exhibition further away from the center of the city.

New prominent designers including Xuan Zuo, Zhao Qianyan and Yan Ti will take part in the show.

In addition, Ding Yong, a previous winner of China’s Top 10 Fashion Designers awards, after years of silence, will return to the catwalk with the local menswear brand River Tooth.

Another highlight will be a show by Mary Katrantzo, the pioneer of digital printing in London, who will release a new series for the first time in the capital.

The event features a number of children’s clothing and parent-children’s clothing brands, reflecting the rise in this particular area of the industry. Recently, the consumption of children’s clothing in China has increased significantly and the market is far from saturated.

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