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In a video posted today, a newborn baby survives being flushed down a toilet by his mother shortly after she gave birth in north-west China. A passerby heard the little boy’s cries from a sewer in Suide County, in Shaanxi Province, and called emergency services who found him lying in a pool of filthy water. The boy, nicknamed Xiaoxiao, meaning ‘teeny tiny’, survived the ordeal with just a few scratches, and is now recovering in hospital while police attempt to find his mother. He still had the umbilical cord attached and it had obviously been clumsily cut.

In a similar video (below) posted, a newborn was rescued last week after a woman gave birth unexpectedly on a squat toilet in China. The mother was said to be using the public bathroom in a maternity hospital in Yichang, central China, when she went into labour. The infant slipped into the pipe and was lodged there, reported People’s Daily Online. Policemen who rushed to the hospital realised the baby was stuck too deep down the pipe and they had to call up the local fire brigade for help, who cut open the pipe to rescue to baby.

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