(From The China Post)

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen and other DPP officials met with representatives of the 2016 Workers’ Struggle Against Presidential Candidates to address labor rights.

Members of the 2016 Workers’ Struggle Against Presidential Candidates group hold a banner outside the DPP headquarters in Taipei Jan. 4

Fifteen representatives of the organization, a large labor political action group consisting of multiple national unions, met with Tsai at DPP headquarters in Taipei.

Representatives from the group including Mao Chen-fei from the National Alliance for Workers of Closed Factories held talks with Tsai, her campaign chief, Chen Chu, and adviser, Lin Wan-i.

Prior to the meeting, members of the group gathered in the rain before the headquarters’ front steps, where they demanded that the presidential election front-runner respond to six of their concerns on labor issues.

Among their concerns were national holidays which were cut by seven days, former toll collectors’ wages and working rights, migrant domestic workers’ rights yet to incorporated into the Labor Standards Act and Tsai’s future plans for expansion of long-term care. Read More

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