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South Korea unleashed a high-decibel propaganda barrage across its border with North Korea on Friday in retaliation for its nuclear test, while the United States called on China to end “business as usual” with its ally.

John Kerry
John Kerry

Britain warned South Korea against rising to the bait and called for restraint.

The South Korean broadcasts, in rolling bursts from walls of loudspeakers at 11 locations along the heavily militarized border, blared rhetoric critical of the North Koran regime as well as “K-pop” music, ratcheting up tension between the Koreas.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday he had made clear in a phone call with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that China’s approach to North Korea had not succeeded.

“China had a particular approach that it wanted to make, that we agreed and respected to give them space to implement that,” Kerry told reporters. “Today, in my conversation with the Chinese, I made it very clear that has not worked and we cannot continue business as usual.”

He called on China to end “business as usual” with its ally.Read More

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