Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE) has rubbished the probe report of Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) that cleared Princeton University of charges that it discriminates against Asian-American applicants.

Princeton campus

The OCR investigation found that Princeton considered race only in ways consistent with US Supreme Court rulings, and without creating a quota system that limited Asian-American admissions.

AACE wrote a letter Catherine Lhamon, Assistant Secretary of OCR, saying probe report was disappointing and unconvincing.

It said OCR ignored compelling evidence of racial discrimination compiled by Daniel Golden, Thomas Espenshade, Alexandra Radford and Richard Sander.

According to Thomas Espenshade and Alexandra Radford, Asian-Americans have to score on average approximately 140 point higher than a white student, 270 points higher than a Hispanic student and 450 points higher than a black student on the SAT to get admitted to America’s elite schools.

Richard Sander’s research proved there is no evidence to indicate Asian American students rank weaker in non-academic criteria.

OCR totally ignored Michael Wang’s May 2013 complaint against Princeton and prematurely gave the university green light for a questionable admission practice without completing investigations of all pending complaints, the AACE release said.

Yukong Zhao, leader of AACE, said: “This report is a total disappointment to Asian American communities … We strongly request OCR office to reopen the investigation of Princeton University by including pending complaints and using vigorous and credible statistical methods.”

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