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China’s action superstar Jackie Chan made it to this year’s Forbes highest paid celebrities list.At 38th position, Chan is the world’s second highest paid actor, pocketing $50 million in pre-tax earnings, second only to American actor Robert Downey Jr. who made $80 million at 8thspot.

Chan is also the only Chinese figure among world's top 100 moneymakers this year
Chan is also the only Chinese figure among world’s top 100 moneymakers this year

Chan is also the only Chinese figure among world’s top 100 moneymakers this year.

The 61-year-old actor has gradually withdrawn himself from jumping between building tops and riding down hanging wires in recent years. He hasn’t starred in an American live action hit in five years. Even in his Chinese productions, he has reduced his workload and physically demanding scenes.

This didn’t seem to affect his income.

His latest work Dragon Blade, also starring Adrien Brody and John Cusack, grossed $120million. According to Forbes, it is likely that Chan made more than $10 million from the film.

Besides acting, Chan is also good at branding and marketing. As the second best-known martial artist since the legendary Bruce Lee, it is not difficult to imagine the volume (and the price tags attached to) Chan-branded merchandises. The traditional Chinese style shirt that Chan is often seen wearing in public appearances is just one of the goods Chan sells.

On top of this, he is also owns a Segway (a two-wheeled electronic vehicle) dealership and a chain of cinemas that bear his name. Chan also launched his first ever film and television academy in late May. Forbes estimated Chan’s net worth at $350 million, a figure the star and his team declined to comment on.

Even as one of the most profitable faces in the world and perhaps the greatest living kung fu artist in China, Chan has always advocated frugality.

During an interview with Forbes, Chan disclosed that he travels with a bar of soap from his room at MGM Grand in Macao in a plastic bag, instead of wastefully discarding it when it could still be used.

Chan was also reported watering plants with the water that remained in his glass after a meal at actor Will Smith‘s house to conserve resources.

As a philanthropist, Chan has worked to discourage Chinese consumers from purchasing products made from poached tigers and rhinos. He has also called on society to stay away from illegal substances.

Boxers Floyd Mayweather ($300 million) and Manny Pacquiano ($160 million) topped this year’s list. This comes on the heels of their lucrative clash in Las Vegas last month.

Singer Katy Perry‘s Prismatic World Tour helped her nab third place with $135 million. Perry is followed by British boy band One Direction with $130 million and TV and radio host Howard Stern at $95 million.

Other big names in top 10 include country music star Garth Brooks and pop singer Taylor Swift.

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