China should take it as a compliment.

If you weren’t personally insulted by Donald Trump when he officially threw his hat into the ring to run for president then you really don’t matter. And China received special attention from the latest presidential candidate. But China took it in stride and said the relationship between the two countries is built upon mutual cooperation.

“Economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States has grown to such an extent today that it has become like ‘You are among us and we are among you’,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told Reuters.

The U.S. real estate mogul and reality-TV star announced on Tuesday that he is running to become the Republican Party’s nominee for U.S. President.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In a 40-minute stream-of-conscious rant, some called it a speech, we call it a rant, Trump called everyone else running for president losers, especially Jeb Bush for being both stupid and wrong on the issues. He said all Mexican immigrants, legal and illegal, are criminals and rapists; and that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist without the US.

Of course, Trump held some of his choicest comments for China. American’s can’t get jobs “because there are no jobs because China has our jobs,” he told the crowd at New York’s Trump Tower.

“When was the last time you heard ‘China’s killing us?’ They’re devaluing their currency to a level that you wouldn’t believe it makes it impossible for our companies to compete. Impossible. They’re killing us, but you don’t hear that from anyone else. You don’t hear that from anybody else.”

In the middle of his speech, Trump said: “I love China. People say, ‘Oh, you don’t like China.’ No, I love them, but their leaders are much smarter than our leaders. And we can’t sustain ourselves with that.”

“There’s too much — it’s like, it’s like take the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and have them play your high school football team. That’s the difference between China’s leaders and our leaders,” he said. “They are ripping us. We are rebuilding China. We are rebuilding many countries … ”

“China, you got there now — roads, bridges, schools. You never saw anything like it. They have bridges that make the George Washington Bridge look like small potatoes. You have a problem with ISIS, you have a bigger problem with China,” Trump added.

China, not quite in on the joke that is the Trump candidacy, on Wednesday politely rebuffed the comments.

“It’s a two-way win-win situation. Such trade has actually given the two sides great benefits,” Lu said without naming Trump. “I believe that despite the frictions that still exist, both sides are able to handle it through existing channels. I believe that without a good foundation, this kind of trade relationship cannot be sustained.”

There’s no question that the world’s two largest economies have many disagreements over increased militarism, human rights and currency policy. But in the end all that really matters in the US is money. So, if it’s good for business, you can be sure the US  will stick around.

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