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Brave new cancel culture world

In 2020, we saw the enshrinement of techno-feudalism – one of the overarching themes of my latest book, Raging Twenties.

At lightning speed, the techno-feudalism virus is metastasizing into an even more lethal wilderness-of-mirrors variant in which cancel culture is enforced by Big Tech all across the spectrum, science is routinely debased in social media as fake news and the average citizen is discombobulated to the point of lobotomy.

Giorgio Agamben has defined it as a new totalitarianism.

Top political analyst Alastair Crooke has attempted a sharp breakdown of the broader configuration.  Geopolitically, the hegemon would even resort to 5G war to maintain its primacy, while seeking moral legitimization via the woke revolution, duly exported to its Western satrapies.