China is touting its FH-901 suicide drone, which on visual inspection seems quite like the Switchblade loitering munition the US has sent as military assistance to embattled Ukraine.

This month, Global Times cited a video showcasing military equipment made by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation during a forum. The video features live-fire exercises using armed reconnaissance drones such as the CH-4 and CH-5, with exotic models such as the CH-10 tilt-rotor drone and FH-901 loitering munition.

Part of the video shows the FH-901 fired from a mortar-like launcher. The drone then deploys its fins upon leaving the launch tube and is guided by its controllers to slam into the top of a tank target where its armor is thinnest, obliterating it. The source also notes that the FH-901 can also be launched from aircraft and other drones.