Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison moved his country's policies away from China. Photo: AFP / Rohan Thomson

In the classic H G Wells story The Time Machine, the Eloi are the surface-dwelling descendants of the upper class who are bred and fed on by the subterranean-dwelling Morlock cannibals, descendants of the working class.

In the story, the Eloi don’t ask any questions and line up voluntarily to be food for the Morlocks on a regular basis.

Similarly, naive Australian Eloi don’t know what has hit them. The Morlocks came up with a new plan to harvest them even faster than usual. Normally Australian Eloi live complacent, idyllic lives, since government Morlocks keep them happy and sedated. 

The Eloi think their nanny-state is benign and looks out for them, so they just ignore it and go on with their “she’ll be right, no worries” attitude. But lately, the government and its Pharma overlords have terrified them into taking dangerous genetic injections masquerading as vaccines. 

They were also locked down, masked down, isolated down, slapped down, social-distanced down, and dumbed down, and are now suffering the more extreme tyranny of banning the unvaccinated from public spaces, and people testing positive being dragged by the army to internment camps

This doesn’t seem fair to them, as Eloi feel it is their birthright to go for a surf, eat some prawns or Moreton Bay bugs, hike in the hills, enjoy life, obsess about cricket, Australian Football League, National Rugby League, Rugby Union, soccer, or any kind of sport, when they aren’t working at their easy high-paying jobs, or drinking in a pub.

The “vaccine” scam fleeced the Eloi sheeple out of their tax dollars through payment by the Australian government for 150 million doses of the “vax” from Big Pharma, making billions for Morlocks Pfizer and Moderna. 

Now wait a minute, there are only 26 million people in the whole country, so I guess they knew from the start there would have to be four boosters after the first two jabs! 

There’s another teensy-weensy problem with this agenda: The total fatalities in this country of 26 million people from the beginning of “Covid-19” was 1,989 deaths as of November 27, 2021. That is a total death rate of 0.000076, falling somewhere between sunstroke (0.0001) and death by sharp object (0.000034), things that most Eloi have never seen happen in their protected lives. Ubiquitous Ozzie health and safety busybodies would have prevented it. 

Furthermore, the average age of death from Covid in Australia is 85, while life expectancy is 83, so it’s not really even a cull.

Why did people in Melbourne have to stay home for 245 days, destroying their lives, their businesses, their finances, and their mental health, transforming the city from the world’s most livable to one of the worst? 

Each Australian state became a fortress unto itself, locking out the other states’ citizens, and locking down their own citizens for months at a time, requiring wearing of useless face diapers, staying away from other people, and additional measures that might be sensible if this was an actual plague.

About 90% of the Eloi wore face masks outdoors, when they were completely alone! They never noticed that when there were huge rallies with thousands of unmasked people shoulder to shoulder there were never any new infections. Apparently public rallies are immune. 

The Eloi even wore face diapers when they were alone in their cars or riding their bikes alone! Good little Eloi, always do what you are told. 

To be fair, they thought they were helping their neighbors, and had a concern for others. The Machiavellian WEF Morlocks were only too happy to twist this Australian altruism into obedience with their totalitarian agenda.

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You see, Elois just trust, they are programmed that way. They are quite adorable, really, like little children. 

When I pointed out to my supervisor that there is no need for vaccines because there are effective early treatment protocols for Covid, he countered that if there were effective treatments, Public Health Officials would have told us about them. 

I explained that Uttar Pradesh had eliminated Covid using Ivermectin for its 220 million people. He countered that he knew some of these health officials personally, and they are honest and good scientists, and were doing everything they can to stop the “pandemic.” 

He continued, “If there was even the slightest chance that there was an effective treatment, they would have certainly told the public about it, and thoroughly investigated it. Furthermore, those bad people who said that bleach would work also said hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin would work, so it can’t be true. Public health officials wouldn’t lie to us.” 

Exactly what an Eloi would say, isn’t it? I tried to explain that Merck’s patent on Ivermectin ran out in 1996, so it was coming up with a new patented and more expensive pill, but it was no use; when you’ve taken the blue pill, there is no escape from the matrix. 

The problem is that Australian health officials are Eloi too and are credulous of US and international health agencies like the CDC, NIH, and WHO that have been totally captured by Morlocks Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates.

Eloi have never been subjected to the malevolent vaccine/pharma juggernaut of greed led by Fauci and Gates, as revealed in RFK Jr’s new book The Real Anthony Fauci, showing how the two Morlocks have corrupted medical agencies and served the pharma industry and their own profit for decades.  

Australians have little experience with the mendacious level of deceit by which the US corporate economy operates, and the vast media propaganda machine that spreads its lies non-stop, nor the complete regulatory capture by industry of all its regulators. 

As Goebbels said, people tell small lies, but they cannot imagine such huge monstrous lies, especially gullible and innocent Australians. They have had no military-industrial complex propagating fear of enemies non-stop, 24 hours a day to sell weapons, until recently. They have no enormous oil industry pushing gasoline and diesel consumption interminably and denying climate change. 

They have no giant pharma industry spruiking invented diseases on television 24/7 to sell expensive medicinal drugs for each one they invent (“spruiking” is Strayan for hawking or shilling). They have little industry whatsoever, except for digging up coal and iron ore and shipping it to China (until the recent US-promoted trade war). They only have King Coal, and this isn’t about that. 

The only other industry Australia had was selling the idyllic Eloi lifestyle to tourists, who used to come here before all the borders were shut down, even between states. Can you imagine borders between US states closing?  

Australian Eloi are not used to the onslaught, the deluge, the avalanche of scaremongering fear-porn selling the Covid-19 “pandemic” to the public. Pro-vax propaganda pervades every millimeter of public space, and every alternative is censored: It is on TV, radio, newspaper, every website, on buses, in company e-mails, newsletters, billboards. 

It is even on the tiny scrolling letters in the upper left-hand corner of my iPhone after the name of the phone company, where it says, “Telstra #LetsVaxx”!

The Eloi don’t know what has hit them. Furthermore, the sales job was supplemented by use of intelligence-agency psychological operations, which in a leaked British document revealed officials felt that they had gone a little too far in using terror to sell the pandemic to the public. Ya think?

Since I last observed the Eloi in 2015 there have been some updates on the Morlocks feeding on them. During the Covid crisis, the Morlocks in banking further loosened credit so real-estate prices and rent have shot up like a rocket, putting further housing stress on Australians. 

Sydney house prices are expected to rise 21% this year alone, which amounts to an average increase of A$216,000 (US$154,400). In Melbourne median house prices reached A$736,620 and are expected to rise by 16% in 2021 alone. As for renters, 43% of all low-income households are in housing stress, compared with 35% in 2008 (see page 45 of this article). 

As the Eloi seek the Australian dream of riches from homeownership, the Morlocks continue to eat them alive with interest payments and rent. Everyone needs land to live, just as much as water or air. Polanyi said land is a false commodity, and he was right. But keep chasing the property ladder up to the sky, Australian Eloi. I’m sure it will turn out just fine. 

Property prices never crash in Australia, right? And be sure never to build any public affordable housing.

Eloi war with China

The Eloi are being fed on once again by the US neocon, psychopath Morlocks as they lead Australia to war with China. Australia is America’s Deputy Sheriff in the Pacific, as George W Bush pointed out, also referred to as an American aircraft carrier with kangaroos. Australians are now being told they should hate China and will have to defend Taiwan with their military. 

When I arrived in 2014, China was Australia’s best trading partner, buying mountains of coal, iron ore, wine, and many other products. Chinese business and thousands of Chinese students were welcomed to the country, and half of my student colleagues at the university were from China. But as soon as Donald Trump started a trade war with China in 2018, Australia was expected to follow suit and make China the enemy. 

The Aussie Eloi were only too happy to oblige, transforming China instantly from their friend and best trading partner to their new No 1 enemy, joining the US in blaming China for releasing the coronavirus in a supposed Wuhan lab leak. 

This resulted in China cutting off the purchase of nearly everything from Australia including rock lobsters, Queensland timber and barley, copper ore and copper concentrate as well as sugar, wine, and a large volume of coal. The only thing they still buy in large volume is iron ore. I guess that have nowhere else to get it for now. 

If Australia tries to retaliate, it will have no effect on China, since the percentage of goods that Australia buys from China is so small, kind of like a flea on an elephant, while China was a huge trading partner for Australia. 

The Orwellian reversal of Australia’s relationship with China is rather neck-snapping. It is similar to the scene in 1984 where an orator is giving a lengthy wartime speech at a political rally, praising the heroic ally Eurasia, and denouncing the enemy Eastasia. The speaker is silently handed a note partway through the speech, and completely reverses himself: “We have always been at war with Eurasia,” he says.

Likewise, one minute China is Australia’s ally, and the next minute China is the enemy, a seamless reversal almost overnight. Aussie Eloi are happy to do whatever the neocon Morlocks tell them to do.

The new AUKUS (Australia, UK, US) deal for US nuclear subs takes the hostility to China even further and feeds the Aussie Eloi even more to the American psychopaths, who can’t stand the competition from the rise of China. 

The Aussies were happy to kick the French under the bus for the neocon Morlocks, a small price to pay. Not only are the Eloi being bled for the $90+ billion estimated cost of the deal, but they will have enriched nuclear material in their harbors, potentially violating the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and making them a nuclear target. 

They should have joined the FUKUS (France, UK, US) alliance that destroyed Libya. Then they could have been AUFUKUS. That seems to be the creed of the Eloi.

Gary Flomenhoft

Gary Flomenhoft is a decentralist who denies the legitimacy of the US Empire, which consistently commits all four Nuremberg war crimes: crimes against peace (aggressive war), conspiracy to commit crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity on behalf of profit for the military-industrial-complex. He is currently seeking refuge from collapse of the empire in the outer reaches of a vassal state where he works on promoting community land trusts.