Indonesian businessman Albert Njoo in a file photo. Photo: Twitter

The following response and clarification was sent to Asia Times by the Jakarta-based Makarim & Taira S. law firm on behalf of Indonesian executive Al Njoo in response to our November 5, 2021, article “Indonesia oilman awash in Madagascar coup intrigue.”

Al Njoo was not involved and played no role whatsoever in the conspiracy regarding the coup plot in Madagascar. He has never been questioned, investigated or found involved in a conspiracy regarding the coup plot or attempted assassination by the relevant authorities in Madagascar. Madagascar Oil has also officially rebutted the allegations.

Al Njoo has never had a problem with the Rajoelina government. The Madagascar government has never made a promise to build a pipeline to the nation’s capital, either. In fact, Madagascar Oil’s project in Madagascar is operating well and feasibly and provides an income to Madagascar.

Unlike what the Asia Times reported, the oil produced by Madagascar Oil does not have to be processed in a refinery; it only needs to be mixed so it can then be sold. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) also supports the Madagascar Oil project. Further, there is no problem with heavily armed cattle rustlers in the project area that can affect the project.

More importantly, Al Njoo needs to emphasize that he always does business in accordance with the laws and agreements that have been reached in business negotiations.