THE SAS has been armed with a £9,000 rifle that can blast helicopters (shown above) out of the sky with a single shot. The Gepard GM6 Lynx is extremely powerful despite only weighing 23lb and measuring less than four feet long. Credit: Courtesy TASS.

A helicopter, an armoured vehicle, a troop carrier … whatever you got.

One shot, one kill.

The Gepard GM6 Lynx weighs only 23 pounds and measures less than four feet long. Your young daughter could carry it … set it up … and fire it.

This Hungarian-made beast, which has a range over, about a mile, can fire five .50-calibre Raufoss Mk2 bullets in less than three seconds.

That’s a lot of damage — a lot of damage.

Let’s just say, you don’t want to be on the other end of it.

No wonder, then, that Britain’s famed SAS, the Special Air Services, and SBS, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, have reportedly bought 150 of the rifles.

A member of the Special Forces told the Mail on Sunday: “The GM6 is fantastic. It’s like going into battle carrying an artillery piece. The troops call it the Howitzer. It an absolutely massive punch.

“The rounds it fires can stop a truck bomb in its tracks. A team equipped with one of these could take out half a dozen very expensive fighters or helicopters very quickly.”

The rounds can smash through armour and then explode inside an armoured vehicle, the source said, and, some of them have already been used in Syria and Iraq.

“Although it is powerful, the £9,000 rifle is easy to carry and ideal for parachuting into the battlefield,” the sources said.

The GM6 Lynx — also known as the Gepárd anti-materiel rifle — is one of the most powerful long-range rifles in the world.

With a range of just over one mile, the Hungarian-made Gepard GM6 semi-automatic rifle has a barrel that retracts to absorb its huge recoil. Credit: Gepard.

Although you don’t usually hear too much about Hungarian firearms, the GM6 has been slowly perfected since its inception in 1991.

Over the years, several models have been introduced by Ferenc Földi and the Institute of Military Technology of the Hungarian People’s Army with the M6 being the most recent.

The M6 features a much better scope, shorter overall length, stronger internal components, a bullpup design, and fires 12.7×108mm and .50 BMG rounds.

Spectacularly-built with high-quality components inside and out, it’s an impressive machine with controls that are intuitive and easy-to-manage.

According to, the purpose of the M6 is this:

A highly-efficient, special, multi-purpose weapon for land-, air-, territorial and independent armed forces.

Its task is to destroy — with its shell, which delivers significantly (5-8 times) greater energy comparing with convential small arms — the enemy’s important pinpoint targets, armoured rifle troops, light shelters and buildings, radio- electronic constructions, missile launchers and hovering helicopters within a 600-800m shooting range.

In case of urban warfare/conflict it can be used for demolishing the enemy’s firing positions in buildings, weapons under cover and armoured rifle troops.

It is suitable both for squads and independent units. Due to its small arm categorization, its weight and portability, make it an ideal heavy weapon for the parachute, airmobile and territorial troops.

It is also a highly effective small arm in repelling terrorist action.

Considering its significant destructive force, and combined with formidable accuracy, important hostile targets can be neutralized safely within a 1,500m range.

No wonder SAS, SBS and other Special Forces in other countries, might be interested in this weapon.

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