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TON Labs and China’s Blockchain-based Service Network have joined forces to create applications on the Telegram-built TON protocol.

The partnership grants BSN developers access to TON technology, Cointelegraph reports, citing an announcement.

As with other instances of adapting public networks to the BSN China infrastructure, TON Labs will adapt the Telegram-built TON protocol to suit the demands of Chinese regulations. Hence, the TON network implementation on BSN China will be an open permissioned blockchain version.

According to He Yifan, CEO of Red Date Technology, a founding member of the BSN, Chinese developers will be looking to the low latency, scalable TON blockchain as a suitable base layer for developing useful applications.

For TON Labs, the collaboration with the Chinese blockchain infrastructure project will help to increase developer activity on the TON protocol, bringing more value to the project.

TON Labs CEO Cyril Paglino said, “It’s a creative approach to send a strong message that a company, a country, a people, even when facing certain statutory hurdles, can still find a way to use technology earmarked for everyone on the planet despite whatever localized mandates there may be, and while remaining in total compliance, vis-a-vis, adoption.”