In this file photo taken on January 6, 2021, Donald Trump harangues supporters on The Ellipse near the White House, encouraging a mob to march to the Capitol. Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

“Following the 8th Korean Workers’ Party Congress that ended in mid-January, meetings are being held across the country to determine how to fulfill the demands set out by the party,” says the article. They’ve got “neighborhood organizations and workplaces mobilized to meet demand. With the atmosphere even more tense than usual, everyone is concentrating …”

You gotta hand it to Kim Jong Un: The man knows how to get things done. In fact I’m recommending that the United States government – right now, as Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate moves into its second contentious day – emulate Kim, borrow a page from his playbook and mobilize an enormous apparatus dedicated to collecting human excrement.

A horrifically stunning video shown Tuesday on the Senate floor by Representative Jamie Raskin, House impeachment manager, would persuade just about any unbiased viewer that a “honey wagon” must stop very soon at Mar a Lago in Florida to pick up a large, steaming, stinking, orange-colored load.

Honey wagon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A must-see for anyone who doubts that the Senate should convict, the video shows Trump forming and sending into battle the howling mob that is then shown storming the US Capitol on January 6.

A sizable honey cart will need to stop at the Senate itself where, on Tuesday, some members who had notoriously voted against certifying Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election resisted turning their eyes toward the video and its plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face display of how Trump, abetted by those senators, had incited a deadly insurrection. News accounts said offending solons pretended to be busy with papers on their desks.

And don’t forget to schedule a pickup over on the other end of the building, at the House of Representatives. Footage surfaced yesterday that showed the new face of the Republican party, the “QAnon congresswoman” from Georgia, on the night of January 5 doing a standup in which she invited mindless fools to gather at the Capitol and “get ready to fight for America tomorrow.”

So much for collecting the smelly stuff. As any North Korean can tell you on the strength of having mobilized for a “compost battle” at the beginning of each and every year going way back, competition to meet quotas for the finished product – feces mixed with ash and soil and straw – can be vicious.

Honey wagon (manure spreader). Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

“On January 25, a reporting partner from Ryanggang Province said the following about the particularly difficult ‘compost battle’ this year,” reports AsiaPress, an Osaka-based news organization that contacts its “reporting partner” sources inside North Korea through smuggled Chinese mobile phones.

“The compost production quota directed from above is 2 tons for employed people, 1.5 tons for dependents, and 500 kg for full-time housewives,” the source said. “We have been told to meet our quotas no matter what.”

Meanwhile, officials “are inflexible and putting immense pressure on us to produce more compost. Some people are even turning to stealing compost…. Neighborhood political units are in charge of keeping watch at public toilets to prevent theft.”

Honey wagon. Photo: Pinterest

Ah! So that’s what Trump & Co. mean when they chant “Stop the Steal! Stop the Steal!”

To which we can chant in response: “Honey wagons! Honey wagons!”

Bradley K. Martin watches both North Korea’s Kim regime and the politics of the United States, from an undisclosed location.