Refugees conduct their lives as best they can in the Bangladeshi camps. Photo: Abdullah

My name is Abdullah. I am 26 years old and a Rohingya. 

I live in one of the world’s largest refugee camps in Bangladesh, but I was born in Maungdaw Township, Rakhine state, Myanmar. As a Rohingya I faced discrimination and many restrictions in Myanmar. I grew up wanting to be a photographer and videographer. 

For Rohingya living in Myanmar, having a smartphone is restricted by authorities. I still remember the moment I bought my first Android phone, a Symphony, in 2012. Paddy fields, mountains, streams, animals, bridges, and flowers were my subjects. 

During the violence in August 2017, I was forced to flee my country, arriving in Bangladesh on September 5. Since arriving, I started working with the Rollywood Rohingya Film Team making videos about Rohingya life. I intend to continue my journey as a photographer here in the refugee camps. 

Abdullah is a Rohingya photographer and member of the Rollywood Rohingya Film Team. Follow him on Twitter: @Abdulla30424503.