The massive psyop is ongoing. Everyone familiar with the Transition Integrity Project knew how this would imperatively play out. I chose to frame it as a think tank gaming exercise in my Banana Follies column. This is a live exercise. Yet no one knows exactly how it will end.

US intel is very much aware of technology that can abet election fraud. That includes NSA software that can interfere with any network, as detailed by Edward Snowden, and manipulate vote counting; the Hammer supercomputer and its Scorecard app that hacks computers at the transfer points of state election computer systems and outside third party election data vaults; and the Dominion software system, known to have serious security issues since 2000 but still used in 30 states, including every US swing state. 

The key actor is the Deep State, which decides what happens next. It has weighed the pros and cons of placing as a candidate a senile, stage 2 dementia neocon warmonger and possible extortionist (along with his son) as “leader of the free world,” campaigning from a basement, incapable of filling a parking lot in his rallies and seconded by someone with so little support in the Democratic primaries that she was the first to drop out. 

The optics, especially seen from vast swaths of the imperially-wounded Global South, may be somewhat terrible. In the common wisdom, dodgy elections are a prerogative of Bolivia and Belarus. Yet only the empire is able to legitimize a dodgy election – especially in its own backyard.

The New Resistance

The GOP is in a very comfortable position. It likely holds the Senate and may end up picking up as many as 12 seats in the House. It also knows that any attempt by Biden-Harris to legislate via executive orders will have … consequences.  

US President Donald Trump is embraced by Rupert Murdoch, executive chairman of News Corp, during a New York dinner on May 4, 2017, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Coral Sea. Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski

The Fox News-New York Post angle is particularly enticing. Why are those Rupert Murdoch-owned news organizations suddenly supporting Biden?

Way beyond internal family squabbles worthy of the Succession saga, Murdoch made it very clear via the laptop-from-hell caper that he has all sorts of kompromat on the Biden family. So they will do whatever he wants. Murdoch does not need Trump anymore.

Nor, in theory, does the GOP. Former CIA insiders assure of serious backroom discussions going on between GOP honchos and the Biden-Harris gang, trade-offs that bypass Trump. The most important man in Washington will in fact be GOP Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

To clear any lingering doubts, a vote recount would be absolutely necessary in all six contested states, namely Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona. Through hand counting. One by one. The Department of Justice would need to act on it, immediately.

Not gonna happen. Recounts cost a ton of money. There’s no evidence Team Trump – short of funds and manpower – will be able to convince Daddy Bush asset William Barr to go for it.   

While relentlessly demonizing Trump for spreading “a torrent of misinformation” and “trying to undermine the legitimacy of the US election,” mainstream media and Big Tech have declared a winner – a classic case of pre-programming the sheep multitudes.

Yet what really matters is the letter of the law. State legislatures decide whose electors go to the Electoral College to appoint the President. Here it is: Article II, Section 1, Clause 2: Each state shall appoint electors “in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct.”

So this has nothing to do with governors, not to mention the media. If the voters haven’t spoken clearly, it’s up to GOP state legislatures, acting within state laws already in place. The drama may roll out for weeks. The first step of the Electoral College procedure takes place on December 14. The final determination will only happen in early January.

Meanwhile, talk of a New Resistance is spreading like wildfire.

Trumpism, with 71 million-plus votes, is firmly established as a mass movement. No one else in the GOP commands this kind of popular appeal. By sidelining Trumpism, the GOP may be committing seppuku.

What of deplorables?

The always indispensable Alastair Crooke hits the nail on the head in a powerful essay: Trump is the president of red America. And depending on how the scripted (s)election tragicomedy develops next, the deplorables are bound to become the ungovernables.

US far-right radio show host Alex Jones (C) arrives to speak to supporters of US President Donald Trump as they protest in front of the Maricopa County Election Department while votes are being counted in Phoenix, Arizona, November 6, 2020. Photo: AFP/Olivier Touron

Crooke references a crucial parallel evoked by historian Mike Vlahos, who shows how the current American saga mirrors Ancient Rome in the last century of the Republic, pitting the Roman elite against the populares – who today are represented by red (Trumpist) America:

“This was a new world, in which the great landowners, with their latifundia [the slave-land source of wealth], who had been the ‘big men’ leading the various factions in the civil wars, became the senatorial archons that dominated Roman life for the next five centuries — while the people, the populares, were ground into a passive — not helpless but generally dependent and non-participating – element of Roman governance: This sapped away at the creative life of Rome, and eventually led to its coming apart.”

So as much as the Dem machine had wanted it, Trump is not yet Imperator Caesar Augustus, whom the Greeks called Autokrator (autocrat) but who was a de facto monarch. The American Augustus, Tiberius and most of all Caligula are still farther on down the road.   

In the meantime, what will imperial big capital do?

The West, especially the American Rome, is on the edge of a double precipice: the worst economic depression ever, coupled with imminent, myriad, uncontrollable explosions of social rage.

Vice President-elect Kamala Harris arrives to deliver remarks in Wilmington, Delaware, on November 7, 2020, Photo by Jim Watson/AFP

So the Deep State is reasoning that with Biden – or, sooner rather than later, Commander Kamala – the path gets smoother towards the Davos great reset. After all, to reset the chess pieces, first the chessboard must be knocked over.

This will be one step beyond Dark Winter – which not accidentally was evoked  by teleprompter-reading Biden himself in the final presidential debate. The script gets ominously closer to the Rockefeller Foundation’s 2010 Lock Step.

Meanwhile, Plan B is kept in ready, steady, go mode: the lineaments of a global rampage, focused on “malign” Russia’s sphere of influence to satisfy a “revived” NATO and the military-industrial complex, which selected the now media-appointed president-elect in the first place because he’s no more than a pliant cardboard figure.