On orphan lamb is given breakfast on the northeastern steppes of Mongolia. Photo: Tom Coyner

Since his early days in Asia, living with Japanese and South Korean families in their homes in the 1970s, American photographer Tom Coyner has spent considerable time around Asian children.

Now retired in Seoul, the former executive continues to enjoy the company of children – and often photographs them – with their parents’ approval, naturally. 

Asia Times presents a selection of Coyner’s images from around the region. Traveling from east to west, our journey starts in Japan and ends in India.

A lad waits impatiently for the Shinkansen bullet train in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Tom Coyner
A tiny one peeks over the handles of her stroller in Kyoto, Japan. Photo: Tom Coyner
Dressed in summer yukata, a girl runs in Kyoto, Japan. Photo: Tom Coyner
Young girl in her finest hanbok on Chuseok – Harvest Thanksgiving Day – in Changgyeonggung Palace, Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Tom Coyner
A novice monk and secular buddy in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Tom Coyner
Seoul girls do the mandatory group selfie in the grounds of Seoul’s Gyeongbokgung Palace. Photo: Tom Coyner
Young boy posing in the back courtyard of Taipei’s primary Daoist temple, Taiwan. Photo: Tom Coyner
An informal footrace among siblings and cousins on the Mongolian steppes. The winning boy is now training in the UK as a potential professional footballer. Photo: Tom Coyner
Children on the Mongolian steppes. Photo: Tom Coyner
A toothy grin from a Balinese girl after ritual bathing. Photo: Tom Coyner
A very little Lao hill tribe person. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Lao lass on the bank of the Mekong. Photo: Tom Coyner
A hill tribe girl in her hammock near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: Tom Coyner
Young boys frolic in a canal in Bangkok, Thailand. Photo: Tom Coyner
Toddler peers over mom’s shoulder during a holiday celebration at Shwedagon Pagoda, central Yangon, Myanmar. Photo: Tom Coyner
Novice monk in central Myanmar. Photo: Tom Coyner
Bhutanese girls on new years day. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Bhutanese toddler emulates her parents at a national shrine. Photo: Tom Coyner
Little Bhutanese girl poses for tourists. Photo: Tom Coyner
Kids mug for the camera in northern India’s Uttar Pradesh. Photo: Tom Coyner

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