A mother and child in their home in the Eco-Agricultural Hill Tribes Village, Baan Tong Luang, near Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photo: Tom Coyner

Retired American executive Tom Coyner has been travelling Asia-wide since 1970 – and wherever he has gone, his camera has gone with him. Taking a special interest in the region’s traditions, cultures and religions, he has captured Asians at work, at worship, at home and at play.

Naturally, many of his subjects have been families and children.

In this gallery, Coyner presents portraits and snapshots of children and their various guardians from across the region. The most common arrangement has been mother and child, but often older siblings, teachers and family employees are also presented.

Our journey starts with the sunrise in the east, in Tahiti, then traverses the region on a westward course, ending in India.

A mother and daughter dressed in their finest for a wedding in Mo’orea, Tahiti. Photo: Tom Coyner
Learning how to pray at a Buddhist temple in Asakusa, Tokyo. Photo: Tom Coyner
A novice Buddhist monk marches in the annual Lantern Parade, part of the annual Buddha’s Birthday celebrations in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Tom Coyner
A retired Seoul entrepreneur holds his grandson in his home – a rare hanok, or traditional Korean cottage. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Balinese father and his daughter ride towards Sanur Beach. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Balinese mother and toddler smile from their roadside store at passers-by. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Mongolian ranch hand takes a break while keeping an eye on his boss’s young daughter. Photo: Tom Coyner
A young family pose in a yurt on the northeast Mongolian steppes. Photo: Tom Coyner
A young Hmong mother and her baby greet visitors on the bank of the Mekong River in Laos. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Lao grandmother holds her granddaughter. Photo: Tom Coyner
A long-necked Karen mother and her child in northwest Thailand. Photo: Tom Coyner
A young girl is tutored by her mother on how to gain merit through prayer after spreading flower petals before a monks’ processing in northern Bangkok. Photo: Tom Coyner
A hill tribeswoman – with child in tow – hawks handwoven goods to tourists near Inle Lake, Myanmar. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Myanmar market vendor and child. Both are wearing the iconic nap hka, also spelt thanakha, cosmetic sunblock paste, made from ground bark. Photo: Tom Coyner
A proud mother shows off her not-so-pleased daughter on a river boat in Yangon, early in the morning. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Buddhist pilgrim and her daughter look up at a tourist on the bridge leading to Punakha Dzong temple fortress in Bhutan. Photo: Tom Coyner
A high school girl in traditional clothing – which is actually common attire – gets pointers on the Butanese national sport of archery. Photo: Tom Coyner.
A farming mother and son on Lunar New Year’s Day in Central Bhutan. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Bhutanese child is carried through a market by his mother. Photo: Tom Coyner
Mother and child in the courtyard of Delhi’s major mosque, the Jama Masjid. Photo: Tom Coyner
A Sikh family, having traveled a good distance, reflect on their day at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Photo: Tom Coyner

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