With no significant changes to the individual index constituents, the ATF ALLINDEX family finds itself in positive territory for another day.

The biggest increase was posted by the ATF ALLINDEX Financials index, which added 0.14% to yesterday’s level and is now at 107.79.

A gain of 0.05% was observed for the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index closing at 103.69, which was picked up by the flagship ATF China Bond 50 index. It also rose 0.05% and closed out at 108.44.

After two very strong days, which saw the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index increase 0.18%, the index took a bit of a pause and increased by only 0.02%. Nevertheless it is still marching on and stands now at 100.12.

The smallest increase was pocketed by the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government index, which showed an advance of 0.01% and closed out at 117.60.

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