On the first day back from China’s holiday, the ATF ALLINDEX CHINA bond indices family showed a strong performance.

In the absence of any potential price movements, it would be expected that the indices rise at least based on the amount of accrued interest, which is roughly 0.06%. With the exception of the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government index, all indices finished higher on Wednesday, at 117.59, which is 0.06% higher than Thursday, the last trading day.

The biggest gain was posted by the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index of 0.12% at 103.65.

The flagship ATF China Bond 50 gauge is 0.11% higher than the last trading day and ended the day at 108.35.

An increase of 0.09% was posted by the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index, which started the month of May positively. The index is now at 100.11 and continuing its way up.

Finally the ATF ALLINDEX Financial index rose 0.08% to 107.65.