(ATF) A coupon payment from Petrochina Company Limited led to a decrease of -0.06% of the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index, which closed out at 103.38 Thursday.

The effect of the coupon payment was less visible for the ATF China Bond 50 index, which also contains Petrochina. The index has compensated for the small retreat from yesterday and ended 0.01% higher, finishing the day at 107.98.

The ATF ALLINDEX Local Government gauge continued its steady climb and added 0.02% to 117.26.

Another strong day was observed on the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate measure, which firmed up 0.04% after adding 0.03% Wednesday. The index stands at 99.70, which marks a new high year to date.

The biggest increase was seen on the ATF ALLINDEX Financial index, which rose 0.12% to closed out at 107.34. 

ATF China Bond 50 Index: A 50-constituent index, updated daily and selected from across the entire Chinese onshore bond market, that provides a benchmark measure of the Chinese onshore fixed income market. The ATF China Bond 50 Index tracks the price movements of CNY-denominated onshore bonds across the Corporate, Enterprise, Financial and Local Government sectors.

This report appeared initially on Asia Times Financial