(ATF) The effect of a coupon payment by Huaxia Bank has hit the ATF ALLINDEX Financial index, which was lowered by 0.04% and finished the day at 107.30.

The bond of Huaxia Bank is also incorporated in the ATF China Bond 50 index, where the coupon payment showed only a modest effect. The index firmed up by 0.06% and ends the week at 108.04.

The main gauge’s advance is partly down to the strong performance of the remaining indices. After a coupon payment lowered the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise on Thursday, the  measure rebounded with a gain of 0.16%, marking a new high at 103.54.

The ATF ALLINDEX Local Government gauge also showed a strong performance and added 0.15% to Thursday’s level, ending the week at 117.43.

Finally, the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index advanced 0.11%, which marks its biggest increase for the month of April.

This week’s performance of all indices is quite impressive with gains between 0.18% and 0.31%.

ATF China Bond 50 Index: A 50-constituent index, updated daily and selected from across the entire Chinese onshore bond market, that provides a benchmark measure of the Chinese onshore fixed income market. The ATF China Bond 50 Index tracks the price movements of CNY-denominated onshore bonds across the Corporate, Enterprise, Financial and Local Government sectors.

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