A graphic produced by Johns Hopkins researchers shows the number of new infections around the world.

There have been more than 2,2218,332 reported Covid-19 infections around the world, from which 148,654 people have died, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The United States has the most deaths of any country with 34,575 fatalities.

Italy is the second hardest-hit country, with 22,745 dead. Spain follows with 19,613, then France with 18,681 and Britain with 14,576,

Click on the above graphic to see a live version. Source: Johns Hopkins University

China denies ‘concealment’

Amid growing criticism from world leaders for its handling of the pandemic, China raises by 50% the toll for Wuhan city where the coronavirus first emerged, pushing the nationwide death toll up sharply to 4,632.

“There has never been any concealment” a Foreign Ministry spokesman says. The additional deaths in Wuhan were cases that were “mistakenly reported” or missed entirely, Beijing says.

US President Donald Trump says China’s real death toll from the coronavirus is “far higher” than that given by the authorities.

‘Under control’ in Germany

The pandemic is “under control” in Germany, says Health Minister Jens Spahn, as the country prepares to ease lockdown measures and increase output of protective masks.

Germany’s key person-to-person infection rate has dropped to 0.7 % for the first time, according to the Robert Koch Institute, a sign the disease is losing steam there.

Putin warns of ‘high’ risks

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns of “very high” risks from the virus, particularly in rural provinces.

The government authorizes the use of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to treat patients despite international caution over its safety and effectiveness.

Italy: record recoveries

Italy says a record 2,563 people have recovered in one day.

Nearly 17,000 medics have been infected with the virus, two thirds of whom are women, its public health institute reveals. They represent one tenth of infections in the world’s second-worst-hit country.

Thousand French sailors infected

Nearly half of the 2,300 sailors who were aboard France’s prized Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier and support ships when a coronavirus outbreak occurred at sea have tested positive for the virus, the defense minister says.

4.5 billion confined

At least 4.5 billion people, or almost 58% of the world’s population is called on or forced by authorities to stay at home in at least 110 countries or territories, according to an AFP database on Friday.

Setback for poor countries

Economic damage from the pandemic could wipe out progress made in poor countries, World Bank president David Malpass warns.

He says that $160 billion in funding the bank plans to roll out over the next 15 months to help poor countries respond to the crisis “won’t be enough.”

Comic-Con canceled

Comic-Con San Diego, one of the world’s largest pop culture gatherings, due to take place in July, is cancelled for the first time in its 50-year history due to the pandemic.

– AFP and Johns Hopkins University