A graphic produced by Johns Hopkins researchers shows the number of new infections around the world.

Live version of coronavirus map

At least 118,623 people have died worldwide from the coronavirus in 193 countries and territories, according to Johns Hopkins University.

There have been 1,905,935 reported infections since the virus emerged in China in December.

The United States has the most deaths of any country with 22,935. It also has the highest number of reported infections with 568,176.

Italy has 20,465 deaths, Spain 17,628, France 14,967 and Britain 11,329. 

Click on the above graphic to see a live version. Source: Johns Hopkins University

French lockdown extended

President Emmanuel Macron announces that France’s lockdown will be extended to May 11.

He acknowledges that the country was not prepared for a crisis that has killed nearly 15,000 people in the country.

Nigeria extends lockdown

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari announces a two-week extension to a lockdown in largest city Lagos, neighbouring Ogun state and capital Abuja.

White House ridicules talk of firing health chief

The White House dismisses speculation that President Donald Trump wants to fire coronavirus pointman Anthony Fauci as “ridiculous.”

Rumors began circulating on Sunday after Trump retweeted criticism of Fauci with the hashtag #FireFauci.

Spain eases lockdown

Spain reopens parts of its economy, with some factory and construction staff returning to work within strict safety guidelines.

But Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez warns Spain is “far from victory” and lockdown restrictions in place since March 14 remain for much of the nation’s 47 million people.

New rise of infections in China

Officials in China report 108 new cases, 98 of which came in from abroad, the country’s highest number of confirmed infections in a single day in more than a month.

Oil rally fizzles

An oil price rally sparked by an international deal to slash production fizzles out, with traders doubtful the agreement will help shore up energy markets.

Moscow’s digital travel passes

Moscow authorities launch a digital permit system to control people’s movements. 

A website to apply for the passes launches on Monday for people traveling by car or public transport and the permit system will be operational from Wednesday. 

US eyes gradual reopening in May

The US government’s top infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci says parts of the country could begin easing restrictions in May, but remains cautious.

South Korean firms will make their first shipment of tests to the US this week after a request by US President Donald Trump.

Turkey rejects minister resignation

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announces a fresh lockdown for the coming weekend in a bid to stop people tempted by spring weather from leaving their homes.

Ecuador chaos

Ecuador says police have removed some 800 bodies in recent weeks from homes in the port city of Guayaquil, the epicenter of the country’s outbreak, after the disease overwhelmed emergency services, hospitals and funeral parlors.

Hidden victims

Pope Francis, in his livestreamed Easter Monday prayer, expresses concern for the growing number of women subjected to domestic abuse while living under lockdown.