Online learning is taking off in the coronavirus era. Photo: Facebook

The unprecedented disruption caused by the coronavirus outbreak is leading to the temporary shutdown of schools and colleges in many countries.

With more than 100 countries confirming multiple cases and many suspecting an outbreak, public health is at high alert. Governments are taking every measure possible to stop this outbreak and save the lives of millions.

Their first initiative was to stop children from going to schools and colleges because the virus spread through public gatherings. This sparked the question of whether colleges should start online classes until the coronavirus is permanently extinguished.

While many college-goers are enjoying the fact that they don’t have to go to college, educators are not taking the shutdown so lightly. They are planning to shift from traditional textbook-based classroom studies to online classes. China is already a step ahead of other countries.

Some have devised cloud-based platforms for students to learn the same way they would in their college classrooms. Many of the colleges have also started to broadcast live classes so that neither teachers nor students have to leave their houses to instruct and learn.

Although the shift has been sudden, these extraordinary platforms were already there to be optimized. For example, students who can’t finish their assignments on time can now take help from online subject experts. These experts teach students the tougher lessons, irrespective of the time.

Assignment Expert, for example, is one of the innovative sites that guide students as they do their homework by setting them up with a subject matter expert. With that assistance, the shift to online classes is easy. But most institutes don’t have such a vast set up to implement the change immediately.

Many colleges allow students to go home during spring break. It was during this time that the coronavirus outbreak started in various countries. With colleges shutting down, their presidents often took firm decisions not to allow students who left during spring break to return until the situation normalizes.

Initially, there was panic all around as students couldn’t understand whether their colleges were suspending them or not. But it has since become that the colleges are moving to devise online teaching methods so that students in other countries can attend classes like usual.

Italy and France are among the top countries affected by the coronavirus. These countries have tons of colleges with students from all over the world. The governments of both countries have banned public gatherings.

But colleges cannot afford to delay their sessions for long. And with no reports of the coronavirus stopping its attack, online teaching is the only way colleges can complete their syllabus on time and retain their student bodies.

Although this will be a new learning method for students, there’s no other way but to embrace it, though it won’t be such a giant leap for many who spend a significant amount of their time online anyway. The shift to online learning is necessary in the Covid-19 era, which could last for many months to come.

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