After Wednesday’s slight pause, the ATF ALLINDEX resumed its advance with relatively large increases in the sub-indexes.

The most exciting development happened for the ATF ALLINDEX Corporate index, which advanced 0.09% and breached the 100 mark for the first time since the indices went live at the beginning of the year. It closed at 100.1. The index has increased by 0.8% since the beginning of this month.

The ATF ALLINDEX Financial index showed a large increase of 0.11%, which is the highest for the entire index family, and closed at 107.56. For the last day of the month of April the Financials index has returned 0.8%.

The flagship index in the ATF ALLINDEX family, the China Bond 50, benefitted from the increase in the financials index and closed at 108.26, 0.05% higher. The index shows also satisfying returns of 1.2% for the month of April.

Slightly weaker, but still positive was the performance of the ATF ALLINDEX Enterprise index, which ended 0.02% higher at 103.51. Its returns for the month were 0.62%.

The only index ending the day flat was the ATF ALLINDEX Local Government index, which left the day at 117.52. Still, the index’s monthly performance of 0.98% was very satisfying.