France is getting tough — sending 100,000 police to French cities, to enforce the virus lockdown. Credit: Anadolu Agency.

“Courage isn’t having the strength to go on — it is going on when you don’t have strength.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

Never before, has France seen such desperate actions, to battle an invisible enemy.

“As of this evening, I order the internal security forces to set up controls. Anyone who travels must be able to justify his journey. This also applies to pedestrians,” said French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner.

To enforce this order, Castaner said some 100,000 police officers will be poured into French cities to guarantee full respect of a Covid-19 lockdown, China Daily reported.

“The watchword is clear: stay home. It’s about containment measures following the model that Spain and Italy have put in place,” said Castaner.

“You can get a breath of fresh air, but certainly not play football. Picnics in parks are strictly forbidden as are all group gatherings,” he stressed.

The minister announced that 100,000 police and gendarmes would be mobilized and fixed checkpoints will be set up country-wide, the rpeort said.

Under the new rules, people who do want to travel will need to fill in a document explaining their reasons for doing so and carry it with them.

If they are found to have violated the instruction, they risk to be fined between 38 euros and 135 euros (US$42.47 to US$150.98), the report said.

“Our objective is not to sanction but to show a collective civic spirit to face the crisis,” he stressed.

The government’s tough restriction came after pictures and videos posted on social media showed many people gathered for picnics in parks and at river banks, turning deaf ears to health authorities’ warning and ignoring instructions to strictly respect barrier gestures and limit journey to help stem the virus spread.

As of Monday, the coronavirus has claimed 148 deaths, a rise of 21 from a day earlier, French Public Health Authority’s figures showed. It added the number of positive cases had risen to 6,633, up from 5,423 on Sunday.

French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner. Credit: France24.