Argentina's national soccer team has made a dream come true for Wu Yu, a frontline nurse in Wuhan. The group is sending her son a Lionel Messi jersey and the promise of a professional soccer session. Credit: Bleacher Report.

Every day Wu Yu gets up and goes to work, she faces one of the greatest risks a medical staffer can face.

Wu is a nurse at Xiangya Hospital in Central China’s Hunan province who has been working in Wuhan, battling the deadly Covid-19 virus.

Facing down death every day, Wu had only one wish — a special wish on Women’s Day.

She hoped Argentine soccer superstar Lionel Messi would send her son, Lu Shu, a jersey.

The same son who sits anxiously at home, waiting for her video call … to hear that his mother is OK, that she’s still alive after another shift.

That maybe someday, she will come home safe and sound.

To her shock and amazement, not only has the Argentine Football Association responded to her wish, but her son’s youth training club has also promised to arrange a coaching session with a leading Spanish coach, free of charge, China Daily reported.

After a busy day on duty on Sunday, Wu was asked if she had a wish for Women’s Day, and gave what she felt was an ambitious response, the report said.

“I believe a jersey from Messi would definitely encourage my boy to become a member of the national youth training team,” she said.

That night, the Weibo account of Argentina’s national soccer team responded.

“Hello, this is the China office of the Argentine Football Association,” it said. “After hearing your wish, we are going to send you a No. 10 Messi jersey. Our staff will try to get in touch with you and we hope your son can have a brighter future after wearing his idol’s shirt!”

Coming out of the hospital early the next day, Wu received the good news, the report said.

“I didn’t expect this wish to come true because I just wanted to encourage my son,” she said, adding that one of the reasons she had been inspired to join the fight against coronavirus in Wuhan is that she wanted to set a good example for her son, telling him that no difficulty can stop people from chasing their dreams.

Since Feb 7, Wu has been working in Wuhan at Union Hospital affiliated with Tongji Medical College, which is treating critically ill patients, the report said.

After she left home, her 8-year-old son, Lu Shu, has watched the news every day, worrying about his mother in the isolation ward, the report said.

“Whenever I contact him through video calls, I always tell him I am safe here and I hope he can overcome the difficulties like I do, by studying hard and practicing well,” Wu said.

She added that her son likes playing soccer and has been training at youth clubs in Hunan province since he was 5. This year, due to the temporary shutdown of outdoor training after the coronavirus outbreak, Lu Shu has been forced to exercise at home.

Wu said that after watching the 2018 World Cup, Lu Shu told his parents he wanted to be a self-disciplined and versatile athlete like the Barcelona star.

Wu and her husband have always supported their son’s dream, encouraging him to try his hardest at something he loves.

In addition to a Messi jersey, Lu Shu will receive another gift from his training club, Tengyo Sports. The club said Lu’s registration fee will be waived and he will receive a training session led by Spain’s Rodrigo Enrique Azocar Diaz, a UEFA Level A certified coach.