Mumbai man allegedly targeted hotel rooms that guests left unlocked. Photo: iStock
A mother-and-son duo allegedly reserved thousands of hotel rooms across Japan but did not turn up. Photo: iStock

Japanese police have arrested a mother-and-son duo for allegedly making more than 3,200 no-show hotel cancellations, costing the hotels $1 million while collecting reward points worth $22,000, reports said Wednesday.

Police in the western region of Kyoto confirmed to AFP on Wednesday that they had taken into custody a 51-year-old mother and her 31-year-old son in connection with making fake reservations in November at three hotels, causing damage worth about 95,000 yen ($864).

But the charge might be the tip of the iceberg, with local media reporting the duo made 3,250 no-show hotel cancellations across Japan over a year via an online booking service, causing damage totalling 115 million yen ($1.04 million) to those hotels.

Through the transactions, they collected digital loyalty points worth 2.5 million yen, according to national broadcaster NHK and other major media.

“Police are continuing their investigation, believing that [the suspects] targeted hotels with high consumer points and repeatedly cancelling their reservations,” NHK said, citing unnamed sources.


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