WestJet says real cows were only used for close-up shots, animals were walked in twos or threes to reduce stress, and vinyl was laid down throughout the set to be used as traction. Credit: WestJet.

We’ve all been there — especially if you travel on American airlines.

You’re packed in like a sardine, no room to move … to make it worse, you’ve been handed a horrific middle seat, and you’re way at the back … and the drinks cart seems to be miles away, and moving slower than molasses.

Enter the cattle car. The new way of travel, on a budget. No frills, no nothing. Hell, they don’t even treat you with respect.

Well, one airline feels your pain — Calgary’s WestJet.

The airline recently launched a campaign that kicks off with a new video that shows an airport full of CGI-inserted cows, riding the escalator, checking in for their flight, waiting for their luggage at the baggage carousel, and checking a departures board featuring several delays, Travel Week reported.

A few unlucky bovines are also shown being bumped off their flight due to overbooking, and then being denied help by a front-desk agent. 

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