Online sales will only include new and used cars that are immediately available at dealerships. Credit: Porsche Cars.

Fed up with pushy overbearing car salesman and their high-pressure tactics? Germany’s Porsche has an answer …

It is launching online car sales in Europe, China and the US as the automaker seeks to attract younger customers, Automotive News Europe reported.

The automaker has opened a digital sales channel in Germany that allows customers to buy new and pre-owned cars.

Porsche is also launching digital retail in the United States, with 25 of the 191 US Porsche dealerships currently offering in-stock new and certified pre-owned cars through an online pilot program, the report said.

The online sales will be rolled out across Europe and in China, Porsche said in a news release.

Customers can choose a vehicle and carry out the most important purchasing steps via the website. The final conclusion of the contract and vehicle collection will take place at one of the company’s 88 German dealerships, the report said.

“I am assuming that about 10 percent of our vehicles will be sold online in Germany in 2025,” Alexander Pollich, Porsche’s sales chief for Germany, told Automobilwoche, a sister publication of Automotive News Europe.

Online sales will only include new and used cars that are immediately available at dealerships.

Once the customer has selected a car and placed it in his shopping basket, they can choose between a purchase or a lease. The owner can also trade in his old vehicle. When the online ordering process is complete, 2,500 euros is billed as a deposit. The car is then set aside and is no longer available for sale.

The final contract is concluded with the responsible Porsche dealer or Porsche Financial Services. The prices are fixed, and the particular dealer has pricing authority. This eliminates the negotiations that are normally the rule in dealership used-car transactions, the report said.

Porsche intends to use the new approach to reach new classes of buyers.

“Online sales offer the opportunity to appeal to younger, more digitally inclined buyer groups,” Pollich said.

So far dealerships are not opposing online sales.

“This isn’t really direct sales from the manufacturer,” said Roger Stoerzer, CEO of the Hegau-Bodensee Porsche dealer of the Graf-Hardenberg-Group. But it remains to be seen how well the approach will be accepted, he said.

Many Porsche customers prefer personal contact, Stoerzer said.

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