Chan Yin-lam meet for a coffee on September 18 with a person not yet identified. But as in most pics, she looked happy. Photo: Telegram

Hundreds of students continue to call on bosses of the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) to disclose more information about Chan Yin-lam, the 15-year-old girl whose naked body was found in the sea off Yau Tong on September 22.

The students, including some wearing masks,  gathered at the campus at noon on Tuesday, to demand that managers of the Institute reveal more closed-circuit television footage to show all the locations where Chan was on September 19, the last day she went to school.

HKDI’s Principal ONG Lay-lian showed up for a short period of time but had to leave the campus because she was not well. But Joseph Wong, a vice-principal at HKDI and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Lee Wai Lee), spent two hours talking to the crowd.

Joseph Wong said he needed to consult with managers of the Institute on whether more videos can be revealed or not. He said it would be a good idea to set up an investigation team for the case.

He also encouraged the students to send letters to the Coroner’s Court, saying it has the power to investigate Chan’s death.

Wong promised to give a response to the students by 1.30pm on Wednesday.

Joseph Wong, right, talks to HKDI students. Photo: Stand News

On October 11, Apple Daily reported Chan’s death and suggested that she could be murdered by the police or someone and thrown into the sea. She was said to have participated in some anti-extradition protests, including a rally on June 12 and another on August 11.

However, the police insist that Chan committed suicide on September 19, as she was seen walking barefoot toward the Tseung Kwan O Waterfront Park.

Other media reports said she had been sent to a girls’ home between August 12 and September 11 as she had kicked a policewoman during a quarrel after failing to see her jailed boyfriend in Lantau Island on August 12.

Chan’s mother Ho Pui-yee, told TVB in an interview on October 17 that Chan had a barbecue gathering with her and other family members on September 13 and that she sent her a birthday note on September 15.

On September 16, she had her first day at the Design Institute. She told her old friends that she had changed her mobile phone number and replaced her social accounts with new ones.

She was seen in the campus between 5.50pm and 6.59pm on September 19, according to CCTV clips disclosed by HKDI on October 14. However, protesters were not happy with the Institute’s level of disclosure and vandalized the campus later that evening.

HKDI, which suspended classes between October 15 and 25, unveiled more videos on October 16 but people remained doubtful about how Chan put down her belongings in the campus between 5.51pm and 6.13pm on September 19 and why Chan looked different in the CCTV footage.

In fact, Chan’s clothes have been missing until now and people say it would have been highly unlikely for her to take off her clothes and jump into the sea without being seen by people passing by.

On October 25, an unknown person leaked more than 100 photos of Chan to a Telegram group and they showed Chan had enjoyed her school life and leisure time between September 15 and 19. She took a lot of ‘selfies’ with her new classmates on September 17 and had coffee in a meeting with another person on September 18. She read a romance novel written by Democratic Party lawmaker Roy Kwong Chun-yu.

Chan is seen in a pic from CCTV footage, left, and the photo on her ID card. Photo: Telegram
Chan took a lot of selfies with new classmates. Her last selfie was taken at Prince Edward station at 3.32pm on September 19. Photo: Telegram
Chan took these pictures on September 19 when applying for MTR services. Friends say she did not seem suicidal at all. Photo: Telegram

The pictures, exported either from her Google account or cellphones, showed that she had make-up and accessories. None of them showed any sign that she might commit suicide.

She edited two pictures of her new ID cards by changing her year of birth from 2004 to 2002 and 2000. The pictures also showed that Chan planned to buy a new notebook computer with her student card and apply for an MTR Student Travel Scheme with a recent picture.

Last Friday evening (October 25), several hundred people marched near the HKDI campus to call for an investigation into Chan’s death. On Monday, the Institute resumed its classes but set up security checks at its entrance.

Left: People march near the Institute on October 25. Guards set up security checks at the entrance, right, on October 27. Photo: Asia Times

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