Mong Kok in Kowloon. Photo: RTHK

Hong Kong police made arrests in a private housing estate and a shopping mall as protests took place in various districts and violence continued on Monday night on the third day after the anti-mask law was enacted.

At 8pm in Ma On Shan in the New Territories, a group of residents responded to a call to gather at the MOSTown shopping mall to sing songs and chant slogans against the anti-mask law, while some damaged facilities in Ma On Shan MTR station.

Riot police arrived and had disputes with dozens of people who stayed inside the mall. Security guards stayed in front of the door, trying to stop the riot police from entering.

But the riot police pushed in. They pushed a Stand News reporter to the ground while she was conducting a live stream broadcast, then subdued another man on the floor. The reporter said the riot police removed her glasses and took her phone charging cable.

The police spokesman said at a press conference on Tuesday that under the Public Order Ordinance, officers can enter any premises or place if they reasonably believe the person they want to arrest is inside the premises. They can do it without an arrest warrant, the police said.

Meanwhile, at 8.30pm, more than 100 riot police with shields entered the Kornhill estate in Taikoo, a middle-class private housing cluster on Hong Kong Island east, and arrested at least three people.

Residents showed their anger with the police for entering private premises and asked them to leave, but the police ignored them. Instead, officers used flashlights and shone them at the residents, provoking them. They shouted at the police, telling them to leave the area. The police also used shields to push away journalists who tried to report on the situation.

Riot police stayed for about 10 minutes and left. Angry residents gathered on King’s Road and scolded the officers. Two police vehicles then returned. Several police officers came out of a car and pepper-sprayed the residents in front of the Jusco supermarket, then left. No arrests were made.

In Whampoa, a police officer pulled his gun from his holster as he ordered people to back off after shoving a man on Hung Hom Road, Radio Television Hong Kong reported.

A group of police officers were retreating from the area when a group of officers rushed out of a van and started running, but they did not catch anyone.

An officer had physical contact with a man on the street and shoved him twice. The officer then drew his gun for several seconds before putting it back in his holster, while his colleague pepper-sprayed people nearby.

The officer did not point his gun at anyone before putting it away. They then got back in the police car and left.

A policeman pulls his gun out after a dispute with people on the street in Whampao. Photo: RTHK

Much of Monday had been mostly peaceful because of an online call for front-line protesters to “take a day off” after days of battles with police after the government enacted the anti-mask law on Saturday.

In the evening, protesters smashed up MTR stations in Shatin and blocked the roads in several districts.

In Mong Kok, officers fired tear gas to disperse a crowd that had set up barricades on Nathan Road and Prince Edward Road. They pushed the protesters south where they set up more barricades to block the traffic.

Outside Mong Kok station, a taxi driver was accused of hitting a woman and was surrounded by protesters for a short time. He came out of his car and apologized before driving away.

Meanwhile, several journalists were hit by some blue solution sprayed from the police station after police warned the protesters gathered around the station to leave. Officers also ordered people to take off their face masks in compliance with the new law.

Riot police also showed up in Yuen Long and a few people in black shirts were arrested. Passersby interrupted the police and jeered them. Officers rushed up and hit one man in the head before taking him and another man away.

More riot police came and confronted protesters who set up makeshift roadblocks, leading to more rounds of tear gas being fired.

Protesters later attacked and set a fire at the Tai Tong Road station of the Light Rail.

Protesters deployed guerilla-style tactics against riot police across the city on Monday evening. They ran away when riot police dispersed them but quickly returned after the police retreated. Police were seen making arrests in Mong Kok, Tseung Kwan O, Wong Tai Sin and Taikoo.

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