Brand value: US$300 billion
Apple is in the number one spot in the 2019 Best Global Brand with a value of US$234.24 billion. Photo: iStock

The technology sector led the Best Global Brand rankings in 2019, according to the research firm Interbrand. Apple reached the number one spot with a value of US$234.24 billion, followed by Google with $167.71 billion and Amazon with $125.26 billion.

Interbrand, which assigned the rankings, said in a press release on Thursday, “Tech companies account for half of the top 10 brands.”

Technology giants Microsoft and Samsung took the fourth and sixth spots with a value of $108.85 billion and $61.1 billion, respectably.

Interbrand said, “Tech sector showed an average growth in brand value of 9%, tied for second behind only the luxury and retail sectors.”

Coca-Cola ranked fifth with a value of $63.365 billion, Toyota was in seventh place with $56.246 billion, Mercedes-Benz was at number eight with $50.832 billion; McDonald’s was at ninth place with $45.362 billion, and Disney was at number 10 with $44.352 billion.

US computer manufacturer Dell returned to the list at 63rd place after a six-year absence. Its brand value amounted to $9.09 billion. Uber and Linkedln ranked 87th and 98th with a brand value of $5.71 billion and $4.84 billion, respectively.

Facebook, which first entered the ranking in 2012 at number 69, now sits at number 14 with a brand value of $39.86 billion.

The fastest-growing sector in 2019 has been luxury, with nine brands making the top 100. This sector has enjoyed the highest average brand value growth rate – 11% from a year ago.

“The most successful brands in the luxury space are those that have adapted to rapid changes in the global marketplace,” said Interbrand.

Gucci, ranked number 33 with a value of $15.95 million, was the model case of the luxury sector’s success, showing a 23% increase in brand value. Louis Vuitton and Channel ranked number 17 and 22 with a value of 32.22 million and $22.13 million dollars, respectively.

Mastercard, ranked number 62 with a value of $9.4 billion, demonstrated the fastest growth of any brand this year, showing a 25% increase in brand value and jumping eight places in the rankings.

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