Xuhui Police Station in Shanghai. Photo: Baidu Maps

Sixteen people have been arrested by Shanghai police for allegedly “trafficking” driving-offense points by recruiting drivers with good records to trade their points with offenders.

According to the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, drivers who violate traffic rules should bring their identification card, driving license and vehicle registration to the nearest traffic branch to pay fines or undergo any driving point deduction.

In recent months, Shanghai police from Xuhui Precinct discovered the suspects were appealing to traffic offenders who were heading to the Shanghai police traffic branch headquarters on Guyi Road and allegedly promising them they could arrange for “scapegoats” to help them avoid getting driving offense points deducted from their violations, the Paper reported.

Police intelligence suggested the middlemen recruited drivers with good records online via WeChat and promoted the sale of “driving points” by handing out name cards in the streets to potential buyers – traffic offenders – near the police traffic branch headquarters.

The middlemen paid good drivers 100 yuan per point and resold the point for 150 yuan to traffic offenders.

On August 7, officers from Xuhui Precinct arrested  6 suspects. One of the men admitted that he and others were middlemen soliciting driving point trades, while their accomplices were forging documents.

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