DeepBlue Technology's smart panda bus and smart street sweeper. Photos: DeepBlue Technology

A self-driving China-made public bus was showcased at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai on Monday, the first vehicle of its kind in the streets of the city.

DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co, Ltd – a Shanghai-based firm using artificial intelligence – impressed expo visitors with their three latest AI products for urban life at this year’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center, the Paper reported.

The first was the 12-meter panda smart bus, which was powered by the latest lithium iron phosphate batteries and was an unmanned vehicle.

The public bus had been equipped with the company’s artificial intelligence technology and intelligent driving technology features – palm-print recognition, in-vehicle infotainment, voice interaction and sensors for monitoring passengers’ abnormal behavior, if any.

The company also came up with the idea of panda bus stops, which would be enabled by fifth-generation cellular network technology, or 5G.

The stations would form an intelligent public travel service system, which also would empower urban traffic operations and management by bringing a convenient and fast new experience to commuters.

With sensors, individuals would be identified and relevant advertisements would be pushed through according to their preferences or needs.

The last invention showcased by DeepBlue was an intelligent road sweeper, which had adopted a centralized real-time system of automatic driving technology.

The automated machine could independently plan the route, identify obstacles, pedestrians and recognize traffic lights. It could also conduct cycle closed-loop cleaning and other working modes.

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