Hunan health authorities office in China. Photo: Baidu

Parents have raised concerns after male pupils at a school in Xinning County had their genitals checked for foreskin problems by a hospital in Hunan province in southern China.

On July 31, Hunan health authorities said they had been taken note of the alleged incident and would conduct an investigation, the Paper reported.

It was learned that in June male pupils in primary two and three at a school in Xinning County were allegedly forced to undergo a health check on their genitals, during which almost every pupil was described as having foreskin problems by Xinning Modern Hospital, a privately registered company.

The principal said that the school accepted the hospital’s offer to safeguard students’ health.

Students who were diagnosed with foreskin problems were not forced to seek medical attention and it was left up to the parents whether to take further actions.

A hospital spokesperson said the check was a charity project and the hospital had not obtained any monetary benefit.

The spokesperson added that only boys were checked as it is important to identify a foreskin problem as early as possible.

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