Shanghai, China. Photo: iStock

A number of hospitals in Shanghai have reported a rise in the number of people seeking help because of a heatwave. Many of those seeking help suffered from cardiovascular problems.

Between July 23 and 30, the number of emergency cases rose 10% compared with June, when there were more than 80 cases of heatstroke, the Paper reported, citing figures from the Shanghai Emergency Medical Response Center.

A lot of cases also involved people with cardiovascular diseases, the center added.

The head of the accident and emergency department at Xinhua Hospital told a reporter there had been a more than 20% increase in patients with various cardiovascular diseases compared to the same period last year, and many were younger than the year before.

The soaring heat not only affected hospitals downtown, but those in the countryside also reported a rising number of people feeling unwell.

The department head of cardiology at the Shanghai Fengxian Central Hospital told the reporter there had been a 50% increase in the number of cardiovascular disease patients compared to June because of the soaring heat.

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