Shanghai is planning to develop a hi-tech industrial core. Photo: iStock.

Shanghai is considering a plan to build a suburban industrial system, with Lingang at its core and a belt formed by Pugang, Minhang, Jiading, Baoshan and Songjiang.

According to, there are four key objectives in the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information (SHEITC) “Shanghai Smart Manufacturing Action Plan. They include: enhancing the ability to innovate, consolidating the foundation for development, improving the level of application, and deepening the Yangtze River Delta synergy.

With Lingang at its center, the core is intended to introduce and cultivate a group of intelligent manufacturing equipment suppliers that can compete on an international scale. As well, Pudong and other surrounding areas will flood the area with intelligent manufacturing and industrial robots will be used in factories, taking the next step in information technology, aviation and automobile industries.

Minhang District will be relying on development zones that will use high-end CNC machine tool and other intelligent tools to manufacture items for sectors such as aero technology and elevators. Jiading and Baoshan districts will follow suit.

The Songjiang district will take inspiration from the G60 sci-tech corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, focusing on intelligent manufacturing equipment, system solutions and robots.

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