Hong Kong riot police fire rubber bullets at protesters. Photo: RTHK

Hong Kong riot police fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets at protesters after they used eggs and black paint to deface the Liaison Office of the central government in Sai Wan on Hong Kong Island on Sunday evening.

After hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong protesters marched from Causeway Bay to Wan Chai to oppose the extradition bill on Sunday afternoon, tens of thousand protesters occupied key roads in Admiralty and Central.

Some protesters continued marching to Sheung Wan and Sai Wan and held a protest in the front of the Liaison Office building. Between 7 and 8pm, protesters threw eggs at the building, sprayed graffiti on walls and defaced the national emblem with black paint.

Black paint on the national emblem Photo: Asia Times
Protesters sprayed graffiti on walls. Photo: Asia Times

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At about 8pm, some protesters made a speech in front of the Liaison Office building, calling for the total withdrawal of the extradition bill, the dissolution of the Legislative Council and the implementation of universal suffrage. They said they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of setting up a temporary Legislative Council.

When the police arrived at the west side of Connaught Road, protesters started retreating to Sheung Wan. Riot police with long shields and batons started charging towards the Liaison Office at around 8:13pm and cleared the streets near the building within 30 minutes.

Between 9 and 10pm, riot police continued charging toward Sheung Wan. At around 10pm, police came face to face with hundreds of protesters. They fired tear gas at the protesters as they threw bricks and other objects at officers, but failed to drive them off. Police then fired rubber bullets at protesters.

The Hong Kong and central governments condemned the attack on the Liaison Office, calling it a direct challenge to national sovereignty.

A Hong Kong government spokesman said the authorities consider it a gravely serious matter.

Riot police fire tear gas at protesters. Photo: RTHK
Police fire tear gas. Photo: RTHK
Police come face to face with hundreds of protesters near the Shun Tak Center. Photo: RTHK
Riot police in Sai Wan Photo: Asia Times
Police with a dog Photo: Asia Times
Riot police with long shields. Photo: Asia Times
“Recover Hong Kong, revolution of our time. Go to the Liaison Office.” Photo: Asia Times
On Sunday afternoon, police remained inside the government’s headquarters. Photo: Asia Times

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