Bank of China Building and Cheung Kong Centre towers in Central, Hong Kong Island's financial district. Photo: AFP

Anti-government protesters in Hong Kong began circulating plans on Monday to “stress test” the Bank of China in their bid to keep pressure on the city’s pro-Beijing leaders.

Hong Kong, a regional finance hub, has been plunged into its worst crisis in recent history following a month of huge marches as well as separate violent confrontations with police involving a minority of hardcore protesters.

Monday, online groups were already planning more protests on encrypted messenger apps and chat forums that have been successfully used by demonstrators to bring out huge crowds.

One proposal going viral was a call to collectively withdraw funds from the Bank of China this Saturday to “stress test” the organization’s liquidity.

Shares in the bank were down about one percent Monday in line with the broader market.

The state-owned Bank of China’s towering Hong Kong headquarters is one of the most recognizable buildings in the territory’s famous skyline and the organization is one of three banks licensed to issue their own notes.


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